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Microsoft Office Word, it is the most commonly used document editing application in the world. Most of the people who work in newspaper industry or magazines prefer to write their articles in Word document. Think for a while, what if you have lost all of the data or you can say word all your word documents are lost or corrupted. That could be the work of your whole week or even the whole month that would be a big issue and waste of your valuable time if you start doing all of your work from scratch. If I tell you that without spending those sleepless nights again and extra long hours in office you can get all the data from your corrupted word documents. Yes you heard it right; you can repair the word documents that got corrupted because of some or the other reasons which we will discuss in this article later. The solution you are looking for is repair corrupt Word document tool.

Have you ever wondered what could be the reason for a word file to get corrupted, lets see.

Let us see some of the scenarios that would damage or corrupt your word document file. The most common problem is caused by macro viruses; this problem is faced by almost every word user who has the net connectivity in his system. What happens is that a macro virus penetrates into the word document when you try to embed macro in to word document. While using a system you should always keep in mind about the proper shutdown, if you are not following the procedure the most of the sensitive files can get corrupted or damaged and will cost you a lot, so never try to shut down your system in improper manner. Coming to a word file, if you try to convert your word file from one format to other repeatedly then your word file can get damaged and you will not be able to access the file. Apart from these due to some reasons the Microsoft Office starts working improperly when this happens the word file will not be opened properly and could damage the file leaving no access to the file. Another reason for a word file to get corrupted is Internet, when you are trying to download a file over the internet the file can get infected by viruses this would corrupt a file causing a data loss.

If you are a victim of any of the mentioned scenarios above, then this place has the exact solution for your problem. If your important word document file got corrupted and if you are not able to open the file then the ultimate solution is the best repair software in the industry which is used worldwide and also recommended by most of the experts in the industry that is Microsoft Word doc Repair. This repair rescued Word document software also helps in repairing the rescued Microsoft Word document too.

Why this Software is recommended?

Repair damaged Word documents a read only software that deep scans whole of your document bit by bit without changing any data in the corrupted file. After the scan is complete the software creates a new file which will have same data as the file which got corrupted. This software also repairs the word files which were compressed using third party software or even the files that were password protected. This software works well with all the versions of the Office above MS Office 2000. This is software is supported on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Xp, Windows 2003 and windows 2008.
Note… Some precautionary measures that you can take to escape from landing in any of the above mentioned scenarios are, you can take backup of the important data’s or in this scenario a word document in any other partition or a CD or on USB/flash drive etc. If you have the backup and if there is some problem in your word file then without panicking you get restore the data from you backups.

To use this software there are some simple steps that you have to follow.

Step 1: Get the demo version of the software. After installing launch the same to see a home screen with a browse button on it. Select the browse button to give the location of the corrupted file. Now press Repair button.

Repair Word Document - Main Screen

fig: 1 Main Screen.

Step 2: After the software has repaired the document it gives the link using which you can preview the repaired file.

Repair Word Document - Preview Repaired Word File.

fig: 2 Preview Repaired Word File.

Step 3: Now if you are satisfied with the performance of the software then you can buy the full version of the software to use the save button and continue repairing unlimited files.

Repair Word Document - Save the Repaired Word File

fig 3: Save the Repaired Word File.

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